Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Insurance

There are many insurance products that people are quite familiar with. This includes home, auto, and life insurance. However, there are other types that people are not so familiar with. This may include commercial insurance. If you own a business, you may be interested in learning more about commercial insurance in the greater Fort Plan, NY area and Shults Insurance Agency would love to help. Here are a few frequently asked questions that you may have about commercial insurance.

Is Commercial Insurance the Same as Business Insurance?

Yes. People use these terms interchangeably. Technically, there is no such thing as business insurance, so if you hear this term, it is safe to assume they are talking about commercial insurance.

Are You Required to Have Commercial Insurance?

Most people are not required to have commercial insurance. If you own a commercial building that is not paid off, are using cars in the course of your business, or are doing business in an area that requires it, you must have it. Otherwise, you are not required to.

Should I Have the Insurance If I’m Not Required To?

It is highly recommended that every business owner carries commercial insurance, even if it is not required of them. It can help to prevent you from having to pay or lose money if something catastrophic or unexpected happens. This can help your business to stay afloat at a time when you may otherwise have to shutter your doors.

If you have any more questions about commercial insurance, or you would like to obtain a quote, call Shults Insurance Agency, serving the greater Fort Plan, NY area. Our trained and friendly staff would love to answer any questions you may have and help you find the best policy for your needs.

Why Are Car Insurance Rates Increasing?

If you have recently renewed your car insurance, you may have seen an increase in your premium, even if your driving record hasn’t changed.  You’re not alone.  One reason for rate increases in recent years is the higher repair cost of new auto technology.

One of the most frequently damaged auto parts is the headlamp.  More and more, adaptive headlamps – which use sensors to cast their beam in the direction of a curve to ensure better visibility and more safety – are becoming standard equipment in new vehicles.

Here are three examples of the difference in repair costs for adaptive LED headlamps compared to non-adaptive headlamps*:

Toyota Camry:

  • Non-adaptive: $366.78
  • Adaptive: $940.89
  • ~2.5x more expensive

Mazda 6:

  • Non-adaptive: $526.56
  • Adaptive: $1,317.69
  • ~2.5x more expensive

BMW 740i:

  • Non-adaptive: $2,006.35
  • Adaptive: $3,274.15
  • ~1.5x more expensive

Other examples of rising repair costs include:

  • +$367: The increase in average repair cost from 2009 ($2,399) to 2015 ($2,766).*
  • ~2x the parts:  There are 23 parts in the front bumper of a 2015 Honda Accord LX compared to 13 parts in the 1996 model.*
  • ~$1,000:  The cost to repair a distance sensor in a 2016 Acura ILX- a part that wasn’t in the vehicle’s 2014 model.*

For more on rising insurance costs check out this article:


*2016 Certified Collateral Corporation Information Services, Inc.

Relay For Life- Friday June 2, 2017

Relay For Life is the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  The Shults Insurance Agency Team will be walking in the Relay for Life of Fulton and Montgomery Counties on Friday June 2nd from 4pm to Midnight, at Fulton-Montgomery Community College.  We hope that you will help us support this important cause!  Other upcoming Relay for Life Events include: Herkimer, NY on 6/10/17 and Dolgeville, NY on 6/17/17.

Phone in Hand? What Else Do You Need At Hand?

What are the Things You Need to Have At Hand When You Contact An Insurance Agent?

Before you’re ready to make the call to insure your beloved vehicle in Fort Plain, NY. You need to have the following in hand or have knowledge of the following:

  • Your driver’s license information
  • The vehicles Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number which is located on the driver’s side where the glass from the windshield touches the dashboard
  • Your credit card or checking account information – in order to make a payment for your automobile insurance premium
  • Title or car sale information
  • Type of brakes
  • Safety features of the vehicle – Blind spot detectors, back-up cameras, and airbag [location and amount] are critical because it determines premium rates. The more safety features your vehicle has, the lower your premium rates may be.
  • The type of lights that are on the car – If you have running lights or fog lights on the vehicle, this determines a higher degree of inherent safety of the vehicle.
  • Do you need the car for work only or work and recreation? If needed for work, do you have an estimate of how many miles you drive?

In New York, it is required that the car is insured before it is registered. Once you have secured insurance you are off to the DMV.

Shults Insurance Agency is in the business to make certain your automobile insurance needs are addressed with efficiency and professionalism. We stay on top of the latest insurance trends and laws that need to be adhered to in the state of New York, as well as the automobile insurance laws that are applicable nationwide. Serving all of New York State, Shults Insurance Agency staffers are equipped to write comprehensive policies and provide great support services. Call us today at 800-836-2885.

How Home Insurance Protects Fort Plain Neighborhoods

Buying home insurance seems like a singular activity. Your neighbors aren’t going to pay your bills nor are you going to get involved in what type of policy they’ve chosen. However, neighborhoods survive and thrive by everyone doing their part to keep the streets safe. See why Fort Plain, NY stays safe partially due to buying the right home insurance.

Sending Better Signals 

When a window is covered by cardboard, those who pass by may not think much of it. But there is a subtle effect on people when they see signs of neglect. Too many issues on one block and that effect can magnify quickly. By having the right insurance, homeowners stand a better chance at being able to get damage cleaned up before it starts impacting either safety or property values. Shults Insurance Agency helps people take action when it’s most needed — whether it’s to replace, repair or merely to give advice.

Granting You the Power 

Shults Insurance Agency puts the power back in your hands when Mother Nature or common crooks head your way. It gives you the confidence to know that your investment is protected, no matter what lies in store for you. It also ensures that you can handle matters yourself without relying on others. Personal choices such as buying the best coverage are necessary to keep neighborhoods full of people who want to better their lives and their surroundings. Our agency understands this and gives homeowners food for thought about the common and not-so-common. If your 60-pound dog somehow breaks your window, do you know if that’s covered by your insurance? We’re here to answer these questions and more for the people of Fort Plain, NY, so give us a call today.

The Best Investment in Your Business: Commercial Insurance in Johnstown

Opening up your own business can be both exciting and scary. Taking those steps to become your boss comes at a high price if things don’t work out the way you want them to. While passion, great employees, and the best location can go a long way, you may be overlooking the most important aspect for your commercial property: finding the right insurance.

Commercial Insurance in Johnstown, NY 

Maintaining commercial property means purchasing insurance that will reverse the effects of a negative event. Thefts, natural disasters, and mistakes can often take months or more to correct — and that’s if the finances are there to fix the problem. Your customers may not demand perfection, but they do want to frequent businesses that are reliable and organized. Commercial insurance gives you a way to replace what you’ve lost, whether it’s in the form of merchandise, cash or property damage.

Shults Insurance Agency

When you need help in Johnstown, NY, contact Shults Insurance Agency for more information about the types of commercial insurance available to you. It’s our job to steer you towards the best options that will cover what you need when you need it. If you’re running an online shop out of your garage on your own, then you may not need employee liability insurance. However, you may need more coverage should your goods be damaged or you become a victim of mail fraud. By examining different situations and then making contingency plans for them, you have the means to handle the unexpected. We aim to give you a sense of control about your destiny under any fire. Speak with one of our agents to find out how you can get better protection for a more successful business!

Limiting Your Liability: Which Type of Auto Insurance Policy Is Right for You?

When you’re choosing your auto insurance policy, it’s often impossible not to let the price guide your way. However, when people think short-term, they’re generally bound to pay for it in the long-term. Without understanding what you’re getting when you buy, you risk being surprised when you’re liable for charges that you’re not financially prepared for. Learn more about how to limit your liability.

Liability in Fort Plain, NY 

If you live in this city, you know that a good community is made up of conscientious people. Those who put the time into taking care of their safety inspire others to do the same. When you have liability only, you ensure that in the event of an accident, the other person has the money to fix their car. While that is great, it denies you any financial help when it comes to fixing your car. If you have limits on your liability coverage, which you almost certainly do, you also risk being financially responsible for any additional charges that may have stemmed from the accident.

Shults Insurance Agency

Sometimes it makes more sense to buy comprehensive coverage or even additional security beyond that. When you take the time to account for the disasters that may happen, it makes any situation that arises that much easier. The truth is that accidents affect us in much more ways than financially, and the additional stress that comes with finding money you don’t have isn’t worth it. By talking to an agent at Shults Insurance Agency, the people of Fort Plain, NY have a way to get themselves the service they need from the people they trust. Using common-sense and industry facts, we can help! Call us today to learn more!