When’s a Good Time to Update Your Home Insurance?

Anytime you make significant changes to your home or lifestyle, review your policy to see if the changes affect your coverage. You may need to update your policy to continue getting the protection you need. Your Shults Insurance Agency representative can help you evaluate your current insurance plan and make any necessary adjustments to maintain protection for your home and family. Here are a few examples of when and why to update your home insurance policy.

Home Renovations

If you’ve made significant renovations to your home, such as remodeling a kitchen or adding a new patio, you need to update your insurance. Home renovations won’t be automatically covered by your current insurance plan. They need to be added to your policy in order to protect your investment.

Purchase of Pricey Items

If you purchased pricey electronics or other expensive goods over the last year, you might need to raise your insurance limits to protect these items against theft or loss. Standard home insurance policies have limits for protecting valuables. If the value of your goods exceeds the limits on your policy, you’ll need to make adjustments to your coverage, such as getting an insurance rider, to get the protection you need.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes like marriage or retirement will also affect your home insurance. Marriage often results in combining two households which means more items will need to be covered under your policy. If your new spouse has a dog, you’ll need to update your liability coverage to include your pet in your policy. Your retirement may qualify you for discounted rates on your policy.

By staying in touch with your Shults Insurance Agency representative in Fort Plain, NY, you can keep your home insurance coverage current and up to date.

I Have Auto Insurance. Why Do I Need Recreational Insurance?

If you love to travel and are interested in hitting the open road and taking in the scenic routes of Fort Plan, NY while still traveling in comfort, you may be considering buying a motor home or recreational vehicle (RV). Like many drivers, you may be wondering if your current automobile insurance policy covers your new RV. The short answer is maybe. Not having a separate RV policy may not protect you against everything that could happen to your recreational vehicle. State minimum liability limits may not cover your assets in every situation. Without adequate liability insurance, in the case of an accident where you are sued, you could go into debt or lose assets like your RV, auto, home, and savings.

What Is RV Insurance?

Shults Insurance Agency’s recreational vehicle insurance is tailored specifically for RVs and provides more comprehensive coverage to encompass a variety of issues you may have with your vehicle, such as damage to the personal belongings inside, and the interior itself. It can protect you from liability issues with passengers and help with roadside towing. While you may not need both auto and RV insurance, you do need an auto insurance policy that includes coverage for your RV. Standard RV coverage includes:

  • Bodily injury liability – Injury caused by the responsible party
  • Property damage liability – Damage to property caused by the driver
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage – To protect against uninsured motorists or motorists who don’t carry enough insurance
  • Medical – Covers medical care for injuries
  • Comprehensive – Covers fire, theft, vandalism
  • Collision – Protects against damage caused by an accident

Other optional RV/motorhome insurance policies offer coverage that includes custom equipment, physical damage settlement options, vacation liability, safety glass replacement, a fulltime package, and roadside assistance.

Whether you plan to use your recreational vehicle for occasional travel and extended vacations or for use as a permanent dwelling, Shults Insurance Agency in Fort Plan, NY has the insurance coverage you need. Call us today for information about all your motorhome, RV, and travel trailer insurance needs.