What is recreational insurance?

You have heard of recreational insurance, better known as RV insurance, but you may not understand everything that such indemnity policy entails. What is the difference between RV assurance and regular auto insurance? Keep reading for an overview of the subject. Contact Shults Insurance Agency to get a full understanding of how RV insurance works in Fort Plain, NY.

What Is RV Insurance?

RV insurance is a policy that covers your Class A, Class B, Class C, and any other type of mobile home you have at home or in storage. Fifth wheels, pop-ups campers, and travel trailers are three types of recreational vehicles that qualify as suitable for coverage despite their inability to get from Point A to Point B without towing assistance.

Is RV Insurance Mandatory?

Recreational assurance is not like auto insurance. There are some instances where the coverage is optional in Fort Plain, NY. Those with fifth wheels, pop-up campers, and travel trailers can choose whether they want the additional cushion in the instance of theft or damage. Those who operate Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes do not have the option of going without RV assurance. For such vehicle owners, the notion of how much insurance is necessary becomes prevalent.

How Much Is Enough?

As with auto insurance, you need to have an RV indemnity policy that meets the state’s minimum requirements. New York requires drivers to maintain policy limits that pay at minimum $25,000 for bodily injury per person and $10,000 for property damage per accident. The minimum standard, of course, does not shield against lawsuits in the instance of your policy limits not being enough to cover the cost of all damages and injuries.

Speaking with an agent at Shults Insurance Agency is the best way to ensure that your RV is fully protected. Contact them today for a quote!

What is RV insurance?

A recreation vehicle, also known as RV, is a great motor vehicle for touring the world. Since auto insurance is a mandatory requirement in New York, your RV also requires RV insurance. Ensure that you have a custom coverage before you hit the road. Shults insurance agency can help you make an informed decision when purchasing insurance coverage for your recreational vehicle in Fort Plan, NY and beyond. It is important to note that if your RV is towed behind your car, it may be covered by your existing auto insurance.

RV insurance can, therefore, be an optional coverage in most cases. But, if the RV is driven independently, you need an insurance coverage for it. Always have an extra coverage for you RV above the minimum state requirements. This will ensure that you’re adequately protected in case of an accident or natural disaster.

Coverage Options

There are several coverage options to consider for your RV, including:

Liability Coverage– This is often a mandatory requirement in New York. Ensure that you take an adequate limit than the state minimum. It covers you from damages caused to other vehicles or properties when driving your RV or for injuries caused to other people and passengers. However, it does not cover you and your RV.

Collision- Cavers losses resulting from collision accidents with other vehicles or objects.

Comprehensive– Covers losses that are not related to collision accidents, for instance, theft, storms, vandalism, etc.

Underinsured or Uninsured Motorists– This coverage covers you and your RV in case you’re involved in an accident with drivers who either lack insurance or carry inadequate coverage.

If you own and operate an RV in Fort Plan, NY, Shults Insurance Agency is your one-stop shop for all kinds of RV insurance. Contact us today for more information on our coverage plans or head straight to our website to get a quote.

The Basics of Renters Insurance

A renters insurance policy is ideal for people living in rented homes. This type of policy helps protect your appliances, electronics, furniture, and/or any other personal belongings in the event that they are damaged or stolen. It also covers legal defense and medical expenses in case an injury occurs at your rented home. Here are the three types of protection that a renters insurance from Shults Insurance Agency in Fort Plan, NY offers.

Personal property coverage

Events such as fire or theft can lead to loss of your personal property, which can be very costly to replace. But, if you have renters insurance, the process will be a bit easier. Note that the policy may not cover every item in your home, so it pays to know the limit of your personal property coverage.

Liability coverage

Liability coverage will come in handy in the event that you are found responsible for the injuries sustained by other people or their property. For instance, if a visitor slips and twists his leg in your rented home, this coverage will cater for the medical expenses resulting from the incurred injuries.

Additional living expenses

A rented home will typically serve as your home until your lease expires. But, if by bad luck your home gets hit by disasters such as fire, or flood, you will be forced to move into a hotel and even spend more than expected on food. The additional living expenses policy helps cater for those secondary expenses. Again, don’t forget to read carefully, the terms of your coverage to know the limit of your compensation.

A renters insurance is a personal necessity if you are living in a rented house. For more information on this type of policy and to choose a package that suits your needs, give us a call at Shults Insurance Agency today!


What Factors Should You Look For When Buying Motorcycle Insurance

After purchasing a motorcycle, you need to purchase motorcycle insurance. Unfortunately, here at Shults Insurance Agency, serving the greater Fort Plain, NY area, we have found that many individuals do not know what to look for as they look to purchase a motorcycle insurance policy. We want to take the time to educate those who need motorcycle insurance, so they can find a policy best suited to them. Here are a few of the factors you should look for when you are looking to buy motorcycle insurance. 

The Coverage Amounts

As you look to purchase motorcycle insurance, be sure to pay close attention to the coverage amounts, or coverage limits, on the policy. There should be two limits for each option; one is per person and one is per accident. Some of the categories include liability, collision, comprehensive, medical expenses and passenger liability. Ensure that policy you select has coverage limits that are high enough to fully cover you in the event of an accident. 

The Deductible

Another important factor to consider when you are looking to purchase motorcycle insurance is the deductible. The deductible is the amount you have to pay before your policy kicks in. The higher the deductible, the lower your policy tends to be. However, having a high deductible does you no good if the deductible is so high you don’t have the money to pay it in the event of an accident. As such, carefully consider the deductible when buying a motorcycle insurance policy. 

Paying close attention to all of these factors will help you find the right motorcycle insurance for your needs. As you look for insurance in the greater Fort Plain, NY area, let Shults Insurance agency help. Contact us today to get a free motorcycle insurance estimate. 

Is Boat Insurance Necessary?

Boating is a fantastic pastime, and owning a boat is a pleasure, but without the right protection, your boat may be in danger. Boat insurance can do a great deal to help keep your boat safe while it is out on the water and knowing what type of coverage is going to work best for you is essential. For those in upstate New York, the agents with Shults Insurance Agency can help you find your perfect policy.

Boat insurance is not something that is necessarily required, but you may need it if you are planning on boating in private bodies of water that you do not own, or in public areas where it is required. Boat insurance is something that is nominal when it comes to the premiums and is, therefore, always a good idea if you have a boat that you use with any frequency. Instead of taking out a policy that you may not use, try finding one that is tailored to your boating habits so that you can get the most out of it.

Boating is great, and having the proper insurance can help you protect yourself and your boat, as well as preventing you from having to pay the full medical bills of your passengers or any other boaters should you be involved in an accident.  Boat insurance is relatively inexpensive, and can be beneficial to anyone that has a boat.

For those in upstate New York, the agents with Shults Insurance Agency can help you tailor a perfect policy.  Contact our offices to get a quote.

Why You Should Have Umbrella Insurance

If you own a home with substantial equity, have a sizable investment portfolio, or possess other accumulated wealth, then your basic homeowner’s policy may not be enough. Consider extending your coverage with umbrella insurance from Shults Insurance Agency in Fort Plain, NY.

The Benefits of an Umbrella Policy

When your assets are worth more than your combined insurance coverage, umbrella coverage is your next step in protecting the things and people you’ve worked so hard to acquire and protect. Without umbrella coverage, you could be putting at risk your children’s college money, your retirement savings, and prized possessions like a sports car.

Umbrella insurance is one of the insurance options that pay claims in excess of the specified limits of other policies. Your basic homeowner policy will pay up to their limits, but if that limit is a million dollars and a claim is in excess of a million dollars, without some extended coverage, your options are to pay out of pocket or fight the claim in court.

Umbrella insurance isn’t the only option for extended coverage, but it is probably the smartest. Similar to umbrella insurance is what is called excess insurance. However, excess insurance operates differently than umbrella insurance. Excess insurance will extend the financial claims of a homeowner policy, but only according to the coverage of the primary homeowner’s policy.

Umbrella insurance not only covers financial liability beyond the coverage of your basic homeowner’s policy, but it will also cover things that your basic insurance does not cover. Umbrella insurance will often cover the exclusions of your basic policy and provide broader coverage than a homeowner’s policy. For those at risk of having to use their own money to pay claims, umbrella insurance is the option that provides the most peace of mind.

Consider contacting your agent at Shults Insurance Agency, serving Fort Plain, NY, for a friendly and knowledgeable analysis of how umbrella insurance can benefit you and your family.

What Do I Need To Do To File A Flood Insurance Claim?

One of the most traumatic incidents a homeowner can face is a flood. Once affected by this type of event, homeowners may be at a loss about where to begin to file their claim. Getting your information turned in for your claim immediately is part of the key to getting your settlement and getting back to normal quickly. Knowing what to do in advance can help make the process easier and prevent issues during processing.

Making A Claim

As soon as the flooding incident takes place, the homeowner should immediately contact their insurance provider. Once they have made the initial contact, it is crucial to document the damage as thoroughly as possible. Pictures, video, and any other proof will allow the claims process to go more smoothly. As soon as the documentation is submitted, there is a proof of loss process that must be followed to submit the claim entirely.

Getting Support

When people experience loss as a result of a flood, they need additional support and guidance to get the protection and funds they need to begin to repair or replace the home. Having an experienced, knowledgeable insurance agent to guide them and help them submit their information can be crucial to getting the claim settlement.  If your home is in a flood zone, contact our office to make sure that you have the proper coverage to protect your property.


When’s a Good Time to Update Your Home Insurance?

Anytime you make significant changes to your home or lifestyle, review your policy to see if the changes affect your coverage. You may need to update your policy to continue getting the protection you need. Your Shults Insurance Agency representative can help you evaluate your current insurance plan and make any necessary adjustments to maintain protection for your home and family. Here are a few examples of when and why to update your home insurance policy.

Home Renovations

If you’ve made significant renovations to your home, such as remodeling a kitchen or adding a new patio, you need to update your insurance. Home renovations won’t be automatically covered by your current insurance plan. They need to be added to your policy in order to protect your investment.

Purchase of Pricey Items

If you purchased pricey electronics or other expensive goods over the last year, you might need to raise your insurance limits to protect these items against theft or loss. Standard home insurance policies have limits for protecting valuables. If the value of your goods exceeds the limits on your policy, you’ll need to make adjustments to your coverage, such as getting an insurance rider, to get the protection you need.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes like marriage or retirement will also affect your home insurance. Marriage often results in combining two households which means more items will need to be covered under your policy. If your new spouse has a dog, you’ll need to update your liability coverage to include your pet in your policy. Your retirement may qualify you for discounted rates on your policy.

By staying in touch with your Shults Insurance Agency representative in Fort Plain, NY, you can keep your home insurance coverage current and up to date.

I Have Auto Insurance. Why Do I Need Recreational Insurance?

If you love to travel and are interested in hitting the open road and taking in the scenic routes of Fort Plan, NY while still traveling in comfort, you may be considering buying a motor home or recreational vehicle (RV). Like many drivers, you may be wondering if your current automobile insurance policy covers your new RV. The short answer is maybe. Not having a separate RV policy may not protect you against everything that could happen to your recreational vehicle. State minimum liability limits may not cover your assets in every situation. Without adequate liability insurance, in the case of an accident where you are sued, you could go into debt or lose assets like your RV, auto, home, and savings.

What Is RV Insurance?

Shults Insurance Agency’s recreational vehicle insurance is tailored specifically for RVs and provides more comprehensive coverage to encompass a variety of issues you may have with your vehicle, such as damage to the personal belongings inside, and the interior itself. It can protect you from liability issues with passengers and help with roadside towing. While you may not need both auto and RV insurance, you do need an auto insurance policy that includes coverage for your RV. Standard RV coverage includes:

  • Bodily injury liability – Injury caused by the responsible party
  • Property damage liability – Damage to property caused by the driver
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage – To protect against uninsured motorists or motorists who don’t carry enough insurance
  • Medical – Covers medical care for injuries
  • Comprehensive – Covers fire, theft, vandalism
  • Collision – Protects against damage caused by an accident

Other optional RV/motorhome insurance policies offer coverage that includes custom equipment, physical damage settlement options, vacation liability, safety glass replacement, a fulltime package, and roadside assistance.

Whether you plan to use your recreational vehicle for occasional travel and extended vacations or for use as a permanent dwelling, Shults Insurance Agency in Fort Plan, NY has the insurance coverage you need. Call us today for information about all your motorhome, RV, and travel trailer insurance needs.

How Can You Benefit from a Commercial Policy?

Commercial insurance is something that any business owner can benefit from in a wide range of ways. Commercial policies can protect both the business owner as well as the business itself and knowing what type of commercial policy you need is the best way to get the coverage that is necessary to keep you and your business covered. For those in the Fort Plain, NY area, the agents with Shults Insurance Agency can help.

What is commercial insurance and how can you benefit as a business owner from it?

For starters, a commercial policy is a policy that is taken out on a business that can protect the building, the employees, the employer, and the property within the business. This type of policy is beneficial because it helps to cover all the bases and helps to keep you from having to liquidate or take out loans if your business is sued or if your business is damaged to the point that items need to be replaced or repaired. Commercial policies cover the building itself from things like fire and storm damage, it includes the contents and merchandise from things like theft or damage in a fire, and it protects the employees from things like getting hurt at work.

This type of policy is going to be extremely beneficial to those that do have a business as it does help to recover from a disaster or damage of any kind. In cases where employees or patrons are hurt, this type of policy is also going to cover their medical bills so that you do not have to worry about paying them yourself or taking out loans against your business to do so.

For those in the Fort Plain, NY area, the agents with Shults Insurance Agency can help you find the perfect commercial policy. Reach out to our offices for more information.