Phone in Hand? What Else Do You Need At Hand?

What are the Things You Need to Have At Hand When You Contact An Insurance Agent?

Before you’re ready to make the call to insure your beloved vehicle in Fort Plain, NY. You need to have the following in hand or have knowledge of the following:

  • Your driver’s license information
  • The vehicles Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number which is located on the driver’s side where the glass from the windshield touches the dashboard
  • Your credit card or checking account information – in order to make a payment for your automobile insurance premium
  • Title or car sale information
  • Type of brakes
  • Safety features of the vehicle – Blind spot detectors, back-up cameras, and airbag [location and amount] are critical because it determines premium rates. The more safety features your vehicle has, the lower your premium rates may be.
  • The type of lights that are on the car – If you have running lights or fog lights on the vehicle, this determines a higher degree of inherent safety of the vehicle.
  • Do you need the car for work only or work and recreation? If needed for work, do you have an estimate of how many miles you drive?

In New York, it is required that the car is insured before it is registered. Once you have secured insurance you are off to the DMV.

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