How Classic Car Insurance Protects Your Investment Financially

A classic American hobby is the collection and restoration of classic cars. Although they are decades old depending on the vehicle, collectors find these hobbies to be a significant financial investment. Because this investment can become quite significant, it is important to properly insure these vehicles and protect your financial investment. Shults Insurance Agency recognizes your investment and would like to help you protect it. Purchasing a classic car insurance policy in the Fort Plain, NY area or surrounding communities is available for classic car owners. 

Get More With the Classic Car Policy

A standard auto insurance policy will cover the cost of the car at cash value if damaged or totaled. Any work, parts, labor, or other investment into the vehicle is not considered

For classic car owners, this is not sufficient, as cash value is only a portion of the investment gone into repairing and restoring these cars. The classic car policy covers not only the cash value of the car but the car’s worth as decided between you and your insurance company. This cost includes the working condition of the vehicle, as well as the cost for parts, repair, and labor that you have invested. 

Travel with Your Classic Car

For those who travel with their classic cars, a standard auto insurance policy will not protect you with travel expenses while you are out of town. Your classic car policy has the ability to reimburse you for food and lodging in the event you are traveling and your car suffers mechanical issues. This is a great feature of the classic car policy, especially for those to enjoy posting their prize classic cars at shows across New York and other states.

Get Your Policy Today

If you currently own a classic car, protect your financial investment today with a policy from Shults Insurance Agency. Proudly serving the Fort Plain, NY and surrounding areas, our agents are ready to meet and develop your classic car policy today.