What Do I Need To Do To File A Flood Insurance Claim?

One of the most traumatic incidents a homeowner can face is a flood. Once affected by this type of event, homeowners may be at a loss about where to begin to file their claim. Getting your information turned in for your claim immediately is part of the key to getting your settlement and getting back to normal quickly. Knowing what to do in advance can help make the process easier and prevent issues during processing.

Making A Claim

As soon as the flooding incident takes place, the homeowner should immediately contact their insurance provider. Once they have made the initial contact, it is crucial to document the damage as thoroughly as possible. Pictures, video, and any other proof will allow the claims process to go more smoothly. As soon as the documentation is submitted, there is a proof of loss process that must be followed to submit the claim entirely.

Getting Support

When people experience loss as a result of a flood, they need additional support and guidance to get the protection and funds they need to begin to repair or replace the home. Having an experienced, knowledgeable insurance agent to guide them and help them submit their information can be crucial to getting the claim settlement.  If your home is in a flood zone, contact our office to make sure that you have the proper coverage to protect your property.